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Reader Favorites

There's nothing like a good book!

So, curl up with one of these gems and enjoy!

The world is a scary place, so we are encouraged to fake confidence and show courage when we feel unsure or overwhelmed. Being courageous means stepping out even though we are afraid, but taking fearful action is not a sustainable long term strategy. Courage is important, but it cannot be our endgame. It is time to have a different conversation. It is time to move beyond courage and learn to live fearlessly. The Fearless Revolution is the revealing story of a confident, extroverted leader of leaders whose suffocating, hidden fears kept her on a tightrope, balancing the lies that she was too much and not enough at all times. Sandy Gledhill uncovered the secrets to becoming fearless on her personal 20-year quest to break free from the bondage of fear. No matter where you are on the fear spectrum, you are not disqualified from becoming fearless. The secrets and action steps laid out in this book will help you rediscover your true identity and embrace your God-given destiny so you can walk boldly into the freedom of fearlessness.

Every follower of Jesus has the opportunity to make a lasting impact. Through discipleship, you can partner with Jesus in seeing lives forever changed. Within these pages, you will discover the keys to empower you to be a part of fulfilling the Great Commission in your generation. Get inspired, join the story, and take part in God’s mission.

This book was written with a mandate to change your life. I say this not because I am a great wordsmith because I’m not. There is a power on this work that is greater than I could create. It’s an anointing from the Holy Spirit. It is intended to change your heart, and through that process, it will change your life. It’s time to refuse to be complicit with the destruction and negativity around us. It’s time that we reach into the supernatural with fervent and effectual prayer and offer up thanksgiving to God for what He says, He has done, and will do. He always shows up. He is waiting for us to get in position so He can move. In my short time as a disciple of Jesus, I have come to understand that the word of God, the Holy Bible, is full of truth that we just don’t fully believe today. You may be offended that I would say that. Truly, if we believed what is written in the Bible, we would see a very different world today. As we start to change our perspective to view life through the lens of a biblical worldview, through truth, we will come into alignment with God’s way of thinking and see everything as it is intended for us. We will begin to see through the lens of Love.


One summer, a young Texas jackrabbit, by the name of Jeremiah Jackrabbit, Jr., discovered loving kindness in his heart as a result of being of service to his friends from school. Please find out how Jeremiah Jackrabbit, Jr.'s parents helped him discover that it is important to do what we can for those who are struggling. Taking time to express a bit of kindness and gratitude is good for everybody's heart!!

Church history reveals that through appointed times of revival God has released awakening, vision, and impartation to the Body of Christ. The Area of Serving is in the midst of one of these appointed times. In this book you will discover:

  • As Holy Spirit is to the believer, so the Area of Serving is to the Ekklesia.

  • The Area of Serving is about to change from the way we know it!

  • The Mantle and Anointing of Stephen will be the identifying characteristics of the end-time Guards and Laborers.

  • Out of the heart of a Servant Leader, the motivation to serve will be reflected through The Mantle and Anointing of Stephen.

  • The Area of Serving was established for regional impact by ministering to the physical needs of the people.

  • When we seek God in the Secret Place we will obtain Vision and come to know who God is, who we are, what we have been given, what we are to do with it.

  • To understand the importance of Serving, we have to understand the importance of Vision.

  • Those who are appointed to the Area of Serving are a reflection of the Leadership.

  • Today’s Servant Leaders in the Area of Serving will have the character to maintain harvest and the anointing to be full of faith and power to do wonders and signs.

Welcome to the trail running community! I know that if you are considering purchasing this guide, then you have decided or are seriously considering taking your road running game to the trails. Or maybe you are a serious hiker who wants to move a little faster? Either way, I have taken my very best beginner tips, secrets and advice to help you get started and be successful whether your goal is to trail run on occasion or to sign up for your first trail race.

Words transcribed from pen to paper transform when Holy Spirit inflates and ignites the dull utterance. It instantly jumps off the page, vivacious, coming to life in a beautiful harmony of truth and hope. The voice of God no longer seems so distant and abstract. The reality of our Heavenly Father's passionate and intentional love changes everything. Wanting to draw a clear line to the true Author and Finisher, this book contains a multitude of testimonies—evidence of transformational moments that brought miraculous healing, breakthrough, and an understanding of the limitless attributes of the Holy Trinity. The collaboration of voices speaks with triumphant authenticity of the hope found in the Master of Design, God Almighty. No matter what you are feeling today, as you hold this book in your hand, you have value. I pray you continue reading with an open mind, open heart, and an open spirit to better understand the worth you carry. Perhaps this is the love letter, written just for you, that will change everything.

Althea Clyde and Edmon Sail were born in Faction Seven, behind the walls of the only country that survived the Last War. For generations, the government has attempted to replicate radiation immunity, and finally, they may have an answer. Five hundred candidates are selected to join the Department of Lerian Sciences, but only three hundred come out alive. When Thea and Edmon wake, they are different; they’re dangerous. Through the years, the Elites have oppressed the lower factions, but now they may be Ari’s only chance to survive. Can Althea and Edmon change the tides of this unseen war before the last nation burns from the inside out?

Are you ready to find freedom and victory in your life? Many of us don’t feel like we are good enough. We struggle with everyday difficulties; we feel stuck, feel lost, and we wonder why. It’s because there is a lie in your life that has taken your God-given power and is holding you back from being who God created you to be and doing what He created you to do.

For anyone who has been broken, wounded, or weary. To those searching, for the truth of who they are. For the wanderers wondering if God loves them. We ask it all. May this book encourage and strengthen you as He gently whispers from its pages, “Child, I know what you think, But I Say. . .”

This book is a collection of stories from the life and times of Sam Gary. Sam was born into a time when the west was still wild, fun was invented - usually on the back of a horse - and kids were not entertained by a TV unless you snuck to the neighbors; it was a time when beneath the glow of the harvest moon, a radio could be tuned to the vintage sounds of Charlie Pride and Neil Diamond. Join Sam, his cousins, and folks he encounters on their many adventures, mishaps, and conquests that will undoubtedly have you bursting your buttons with laughter. Ride alongside Sam Gary as he flies his airplane across the United States. Ski alongside him down the black diamonds of the Alberta Rockies, or eagerly thrust your hands into buckets of shavings and unsavory surprises. A modern-day Huck Finn, his tales of battles fought, friends won, and strangers befriended, will surely keep you enthralled because NO ONE, my friends, can tell stories like a Son of a Seacook. Curl up, grab some Better Life Coffee, and prepare to be entertained!

Reset: Weight Loss With God enables you to gain a healthy mindset regarding your body, food, and your relationship with God. This book takes the reader on a journey of understanding how the world around them trains them to think of themselves negatively. However, God created people perfectly to be exactly who they are. You will learn how to trust God with your body, with food, and retrain your mind to think about food in a healthy manner. You will overcome lies that you have believed that have led you to gain weight and RESET your mind so you can walk in the fullness that God created for your life. Reset: Weight Loss With God is not a diet plan but will change how you think about food and your lifestyle so that you can maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.


Preschool is a big step, for kids and parents alike, but getting prepared can be just as fun as your family's new adventure will be! The First 12 Days of Preschool invites you to join new animal friends as they learn valuable preschool lessons in an irresistible sing-along book by 25-year veteran educator (and smile creator) Jeanette Crystal Bradley.

The charmingly brilliant combination of pictures, words, and music will stay with your kiddo throughout the day, and with each read ( or song and dance solo if that's their thing!) they'll feel more prepared for everything new and exciting that's coming their way! The First 12 Days of Preschool also supports the Olivia Hudson Foundation, which funds pediatric brain cancer research, helps families in financial need, and increases awareness of brain cancer in children. Copies of the book will be donated to hospitals treating children and supporting families.

Perhaps you need to keep praying for a miracle, you are searching for hope and joy, or you have lost the ability to see God's goodness and grace. Maybe you need to understand the power of your "yes" to the Father's calling. The powerful and descriptive testimony between the pages of this story will not only captivate you, keep you in stitches with laughter, beckon you to cry, and have you calling out to the Father while your dreams are resurrected, but will also show you the overwhelming evidence of a Father who loves you and wants you to have the desires of your heart. Be prepared to be encouraged, uplifted, and edified as you experience the Everlasting Evidence.

Morning Tea is a book for women who are entrepreneurs, business owners, dreamers, launchers, and builders. This is for women who know they are called to more. It is my conversations with God as I journey with HIm to inspire, encourage, and help you hear from Him for yourself.

So go ahead, pour yourself a fresh cup of tea, or coffee, or whatever your favorite beverage might be…

Get cozy…

And listen…

Because the same One I have tea with every morning has some amazing Tea Time Truth Nuggets to share with you, too.

Prayer is man’s communication with God, and God’s response to man. Fervent prayer brings unity and cooperation between God and man. It ushers us into the very presence of God and strengthens our faith to claim His promises. Fervent prayer and strong intercessions can stop wars, atrocities, abominations, evils, and killings in war torn areas. As a powerful weapon, prayer can bless leaders with divine guidance and direction to lead their societies and nations into prosperity. Prayer is powerful. Prayer plays great roles in nation building. Through the power of prayer, peace, stability, security, spiritual and other developments such as healing, reconciliation, and restoration can be achieved. It settles disputes and brings harmony to those who seek and thirst after it. Prayer brings renewal for the mind and gives true rest. Prayer was undoubtedly the weapon the early church used during the time Peter was in prison and constant prayer was offered to God by the church on his behalf (Acts 12:5). The early church knew the role prayer plays in conflicts, its role to rescue, and that the power to confront and conquer the enemy lay in prayer.

Cornelius Magnus is known for letting his vivid imagination get the best of him, so when he’s attacked by a hellhound on the cusp of his sixteenth birthday, the villagers dismiss his story as just another instance of crying wolf. Left to investigate on his own, Cornelius uncovers a dark secret his mother died to protect. Cursed magic courses through his veins, allowing him to alter reality itself… but at what cost? As his powers begin to manifest, sinister forces are drawn to his remote village and Cornelius is swept away to the fantasy realm of Orbis Magia, where danger can be found from friend and foe alike. There, he learns more about his unique, reality-warping magic whose power is bound only by the limits of his imagination. Pursued by the foul sorcerer, Kieran, who seeks to use the young mage’s powers to conquer Orbis Magia, Cornelius undertakes a dangerous journey to free himself from the blood curse. Alongside his shaman mentor, Alastor, and an uncanny fellowship that ranges from a warrior princess to a talking griffin, Cornelius seeks out the key to defying the dark prophecy while forging his own destiny.

Do you know:
• A child who needs to remember how to laugh and play outside?
• A child who needs to learn who and what they should follow?
• A child who needs to learn their value and how to be loved?

Little Bit and Buddy are REAL horses that are truly best friends living on a real ranch in Texas! They love hanging out with humans of all ages! This unique book contains three distinctive chapters that increase in reading levels, which any child can be successful in learning to read, and also enjoy a challenge as they grow in their reading skills. So, come and follow us for a rootin’-tootin’ good time! Little Bit will show you how to choose joy, and who and what to follow to have a great day; and Buddy, the neigh-sayer, will show you how to choose to learn to be loved.

The adventure waiting for you in The Kingdom is the opportunity to discover these truths and actively align with them. Along the way, one should never underestimate the powerful role that the Kingdom principle of redemption will play in this process. The prophetic promise first uttered by Kim Clement that, "Your place of pain shall become your place of reign," serves as a powerful theme that runs throughout every page of "From the Cult to The Kingdom." Dubb Alexander's personal story is one of ultimate redemption and emphatically points to the hand of a good, kind, and loving heavenly Father working behind the scenes to take everything that the enemy meant for evil and masterfully working it for the good of an entire nation. Follow the compelling journey of a young man from the streets of Dallas as he navigates through the controlling abuse of a cult in Waco, TX, discovers the truths of The Kingdom, and ultimately steps into his destiny of bringing the strategies of Heaven to heads of state around the world.

After finding herself lost after college, Tess embarked on a year-long solo backpacking adventure in search of herself and healing. We meet her in the middle of her journey when she is presented the opportunity to live and work on a sailing yacht—taking vessels up the east coast of Australia. Tess’ story is a rapturous saga of finding adventure, oneself, and God very present along the journey. This chronicle of her experiences will transport the reader into the stunning life of sailing to the Whitsundays and will touch one deeply through her encounters with God. It is a read worth sharing with every woman who has a vagabond spirit.

Althea found her team, but her memories pull her away. She’s forgotten her time with Lin Ardent, but not what she learned. When Thea’s team receives intel on the location of the captured A.S.H.E.S., Thea has to choose between Edmon and what is right. The fate of Ari rests on the A.S.H.E.S., but as the plot twists and loyalties shift, a time comes when everything Thea knows comes to question. What would you do to save the human race?


Leaping headlong into the world of ballet, with dreams of becoming a professional dancer, a young boy from the Panhandle of Texas uses all his grit, gifts, ambition and determination to face every obstacle and challenge he encounters on his path to be a professional. In this fictionalized account, he finds his passions lead to setbacks, success, love and the discovery of his true talent. Most of all, he has to make a decision—the decision that will make all the difference.

If someone told me that I would be the one to lovingly care for a woman who had despised me, I would have said, “No Way.” Our relationship didn't start out well but that didn't define how it would end. Because love is a miracle. Love heals and restores; it has the capacity to rebuild everything. By the time Mom Maria was facing death, we both learned how to accept and love each other unconditionally. In that short time, we watched a miracle unfold and transform the whole family. This memoir is for those living in a seemingly hopeless situation. Let my story be a reminder that love truly restores ALL Things.

Have you ever picked up a book that is so unique and said to yourself, “I have got to get this book.” This is it! This is not only a Journal, it is a book of EXHORTATIONS, PROCLAMATIONS, AND MEDITATIONS from the Word of God! Having been carefully crafted with the Kingdom of God in mind, with Prayers to see the Crowning of the Seven Mountains of Influence with the Glory of God, that the mandate of discipling the Nations be accomplished. This Proclamation Devotional Journal is for those Godly Lovers whose cry is that of Psalm 42:1-2 (TPT) I long to drink of You, O God, drinking deeply from the streams of pleasure flowing from Your presence. My longings overwhelm me for more of You! My soul thirsts, pants, and longs for the living God. I want to come and see the face of God. We have been created in the Image of God with Plans and Purposes which are written in our Books of Destiny. We have been summoned to appear before Eternal Father. The DISCIPLES’ PRAYER is to draw us closer to God in the Secret Place, to know Who He is, who we are, what we have been given, and what we are to do with it. He is summoning us to meet with Him. Will you come? Denise Orsborn is a wife, mother, and Prophetic Intercessor whose heart is to see The Ekklesia equipped and established, living in the authority and dominion of the Kingdom of God on Earth as it is in Heaven.

There is a coming together of the Ekklesia—a rallying of the Bones which Ezekiel saw: An Army of Godly Lovers Commissioned for Battle in these End-Times. Jesus is the Lord of the Hosts of Angels’ Army; He is the One beaconing us to into the formation of the Legislative Assembly of Believers! He is bringing the Bones to come together, aligning with Ligaments and Muscles! The Five-fold Ministry working with the Body! All of us functioning as ONE in our God-given Destiny in Unity but not Uniformity!

This Era is one of PEY in which our Position, Empowerment, and Yielding to God’s Order and Alignment is Exhibited! Alignment with God’s Times and Seasons NOW brings fulfillment of His Promises in due Time. There is an ALARM Sounding, we are AWAKENING from our Slumber, ARISING with Purpose and Determination, and ADVANCING with Authority and Dominion as we are Commissioned as the ARMY of God with Authorization and Access. This Declaration Journal includes EXHORTATIONS, PROCLAMATIONS, and MEDITATIONS for the Summoning and Commissioning of the Ekklesia Army of God! Let this Book be a Weapon in your Journey to fulfill your Book of Destiny!

The anointing is not some mysterious magic spell only a few find access to; it is accessible to every believer at all times. The church is not the first priority when honoring God in your life; it starts with you and your home. The tithe isn’t a debt Christians owe; it’s a gift believers are given. We are called to faith and freedom, not fear and debt. We are called to help others find their freedom, not put them in debt. Salvation comes with the promised blessing, not the threat of a curse. We are not called to become perfect so that Christ might accept us; we are accepted and made perfect in Christ’s love. We are the Church, called to a relationship with our Creator, our Father, not religion in a church organization. We are called to love, not legalistic behavior modification. We are called to freedom, not a new and different form of bondage to man, debt, and institutions. We are called to be who God created us to be, not to obedience to religious laws. We are called to grow in the light we have within us, not appease the darkness around us. We are called the Forgiven, not the Condemned. If Jesus came into our churches today, would He take His place in a seat of honor, or would we find Him cracking whips, flipping tables, and driving out the money-changers? Who do we honor at church, Jesus or Mammon? It’s a good time in history to take inventory of ourselves and consider our ways. We are called to forgive because we’ve been forgiven. It matters more than we think–we are called to freedom!

Kissed by the King stems from a personal journey of learning to walk in victory and rest in the unconditional love of our Heavenly Father. It comes from the realization that we are empowered, through God’s Spirit, and can step out in faith and believe what He tells us in His Word. God’s Word is alive. As we open its pages and learn to listen to His voice, He will transform our lives. God has created each of us to be unique. Our lives will not and should not look exactly the same. God’s Spirit is the same, but He chooses to speak to each of us differently. It is the author’s prayer that the Spirit will minister to you through these devotions and create an increased awareness of the different ways God demonstrates His incredible love for you each and every day!


Broken: Picking Up the Pieces After Divorce is the journey of Anay Garcia. Anay married her high school sweetheart when she was just 20 years old. They were very active in church and everyone in their community knew them. In 2013, she found herself alone with her children going through a painful divorce that almost destroyed her. It was now time for Anay to pick up the pieces of her shattered life. We see how the Lord met her and restored her to a place where she can now minister to others.

Happy Art Thou is a creative devotional to help your healing journey with past and present hurts. Be reminded of how much God loves you by reading scripture, journaling your thoughts, and by doing easy, creative activities. No artistic skill needed! Therapeutic art is not meant to be a masterpiece but a salve to promote healing. Start your healing journey today and be Happy Art Thou.

Are you tired of trying to figure out your God-given purpose, or maybe you’ve given up altogether? Do you ever feel that you could or should have more impact? It’s quite possible that Heaven is waiting on you to discover and steward all that has been reserved on your behalf. Join Melody, founder of The Identity Academy™, as she takes you on a journey of rediscovering your Kingdom identity so that you can engage your purpose, manifest the God dreams within, and advance the Kingdom of God within the earth.

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Melissa McBroom.png

If you want to or have already experienced God in a way that goes beyond the “good feels” of a Sunday service, this book is for you. God wants your attention, and when you begin to sense His thoughts or perceive His presence, it can be scary. How many times in the Bible does an angel of the Lord have to say, “Fear not,” when interacting with a human. These encounters are scary because they are outside of the context of our worldly reality. This book is not just about ‘hearing’ God; it’s about doing what He’s calling us to do; to move out in our authority, as co-heirs with Christ, with signs and wonders, wisdom and honor, character and holiness. It is the measure of the fullness of Christ, by both the Word and by the Holy Spirit. The world and even some churches think these experiences are to be shut down because they are weird and bizarre. If this is you, I’d encourage you to re-read your Bible; weird and bizarre is all over the place. God’s creation, including the weird, is beautiful and peaceful. We know this because He said it was good. When you become familiar with the ‘strange’, you are porous and have the ability to be open and to stretch beyond the usual small and protective self. It is an act of courage and love to press in and not want to run away. This book is about ten concepts you will want to grasp for the era of the Holy Spirit.

“In a heartbeat, I now had a new full-time job... as Dale’s caregiver.”

What do you do when suddenly, in one devastating moment, you’re a patient advocate - nurse - decision maker 24/7? You begin to search out and gather in the midst of all the caregiving.

Personal stories. Medical research. Successes. Failures.

Truth. This journal recounts a caregiver's journey with a husband who suffered multiple strokes, lost his ability to talk, and fought his way back to living life fully in his highly individual—and ultimately wonderful, “new normal” way. Only those in the 24/7 caregiving role truly understand the depth and weightiness of this responsibility - facing the great physical, mental and emotional unknowns of brain trauma. For all those extraordinary individuals who find themselves thrust into this seemingly nonstop caregiving…and for their families, Donna tells her story. Highly personal, she offers insights to be gleaned from the pages of her public and private writings - the good, the bad, and even the ugly. Through the Fire will encourage caregivers not merely to survive but to thrive in walking their own ever-changing path as they meet the often overwhelming needs of the care-needing person that they love.

This book is presented as a short daily meditation devotional of short stories giving the reader permission to journey at the speed necessary for change and growth in the heart and mind. Tools for journaling, helpful ideas for memorization of Bible verses, provoking questions to ponder, prayers, and positive truths to proclaim are included in the vignettes.

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How am I ever going to get through this?

What can I say or do for my friend when the hurricane of emotions hit in the event of loss and grief?

These pages are filled with the roller coaster journey of loss and grief and how God showed up to guide one person through the jungle and maze of major life changing events.

The ongoing dialogue of each page will take you through real emotional struggles of life being flipped upside down and the rediscovery of oneself and finding true joy.

When God created woman, He made her as an Ezer, a help-mate. More than that, He made her as one meant to provide aid or support in a time of need. We were made to be warriors. Since the beginning, there has been hostility between women and the serpent, seeking to undermine this calling. In Skull Crushers, we look to some lesser known women in Scripture and discover how we too are called to wage war against the enemy, crushing his skull and advancing The Kingdom of God. Becca Ramirez is a writer and speaker called to encourage women in their identity as daughters of God and empower them to live a life that reflects that truth to the world. As a lover of learning, she immerses herself in each topic she writes and teaches. Her heart is to connect spiritual truths to our everyday lives.

When Grandpa Yukon makes his big move to Heaven, it brings up a lot of questions from Tater and his little brother, Small Fry. Maybe you have some of these same questions. Come meet Red, Ruby Lou, Tater, Small Fry, and Yammy, and discover what they learn about Heaven!

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