Skull Crushers: Empowering God's Daughters To Be The Warriors He Created Them To Be

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Becca Ramirez
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Paperback & Kindle
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When God created woman, He made her as an Ezer, a help-mate. More than that, He made her as one meant to provide aid or support in a time of need. We were made to be warriors. Since the beginning, there has been hostility between women and the serpent, seeking to undermine this calling. In Skull Crushers, we look to some lesser known women in Scripture and discover how we too are called to wage war against the enemy, crushing his skull and advancing The Kingdom of God.

About the author

Becca Ramirez
Victory Vision Author

Becca Ramirez is a writer and speaker called to encourage women in their identity as daughters of God and empower them to live a life that reflects that truth to the world. As a lover of learning, she immerses herself in each topic she writes and teaches. Her heart is to connect spiritual truths to our everyday lives.