The Third Age of Tarikia

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C. E. Rowell
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The Third Age of Tarikia, the first in a series, follows two parallel storylines. Meet Tiara, a beautiful young girl with much to learn and many adventures with her imaginary best friend, Tee, and her stuffed toy bear as she matures on a dying planet: Tarikia. She is the last child born to a dying race called the Watchers. Meanwhile, on planet Earth, a seventy-eight-year-old widower in Texas named Alex is trying to squeeze the most out of his remaining life after winning the world's largest lottery . . . until the day meteors begin to fall from the sky. How will these two ever have a chance to meet when their lifetimes are separated chronologically by 10,000 years and they are living on planets six billion lightyears apart?

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C. E. Rowell
Victory Vision Author