The Student Enneagram: The Secret to Leveling-Up Our Kids at Home & in the Classroom

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Sarah Dutton Waxman
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This book is a guide for educators, administrators, and parents to be able to gain a little bit of insight from the behaviors, patterns, and tendencies that students are demonstrating. Self-awareness is so important. In order to know and understand others, we must first know and understand ourselves. I encourage you to learn about, and discover, who you are first. Once you truly understand yourself, you'll be able to see others so much more clearly. It's wild, but it's true. However, until you personally become self-aware and understand who you are, you won't have the emotional capacity to truly understand others. The Enneagram alone is just information. When you dive deep into the discovery of yourself and your type, and you pair that with the knowledge of the complete Enneagram, something magical happens. You will become a better parent, a better teacher, a better administrator if you take the time to discover who you are.

About the author

Sarah Dutton Waxman
Victory Vision Author

Sarah Dutton Waxman is a wife and a mother of two boys. She taught in a middle school classroom for over a decade teaching both math and English Language Arts to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. She resigned from education in 2021 to pursue her work with the Enneagram. She is a certified Enneagram Coach through Beth McCord's program Become an Enneagram Coach. Sarah is a former educator turned coach. She is an author and a public speaker. She conducts workshops and trainings for parents and educators, both in-person and virtually. She travels to schools across the US, and her signature program, That’s A Big Idea, provides schools and districts hands-on support over an entire school year. Sarah also works one-on-one and in a group capacity with parents and educators to help them discover and dive deep into their Enneagram type. Once they discover who they truly are, the conversation changes to help them better understand their own children and the students in their classrooms. You can find Sarah on Instagram and TikTok at @sarahwaxmanofficial, check her out online at, and tune in to her podcast: Raising EnneaKids.