Unlock Your Voice: Breakthrough Stories of Kingdom Women Who Are Called to Impact the Marketplace

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Are you called to make a Kingdom impact? Has fear kept you in hiding and muted your voice? Unlock Your Voice is a compilation of powerful stories with expert Kingdom strategies from twelve courageous women from across the globe, who have been called to impact the marketplace. This international multi-author book imparts foundational biblical truths and invites leaders to partner with God financially, emotionally, spiritually and relationally. You will encounter women who have suffered the loss of a spouse; devastating illnesses; financial hardship; and yet tell miraculous stories of how God met them and how they overcame these setbacks. "This collection of voices serves as a transformational tool to receive your breakthrough from faulty thinking, grief, trauma, approval addictions, identity crisis, unhealed soul wounds, shame and overcoming narcissistic relationships.” Cultivate the gifts inside of you as you unlock your anointing, so that you can get aligned with your God-given assignment in the marketplace!

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Victory Vision Author

Anthology: by Megan Bruiners (Author), Arlana Scola (Author), Vanessa Daniels (Author), Sophia Estrella (Author), Billie Breeden (Author), Jenn Filer (Author), Lu Ann Topovski (Author), Shaina Quick (Author), Chana Richards (Author), Denise Herndon Harvey (Author), Daniella Ordonez (Author), Maricar Guarin (Author)