The Significance of Prayer in Nation Building

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Bishop Professor Dohn Augustyn Bernards
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Prayer is man’s communication with God, and God’s response to man. Fervent prayer brings unity and cooperation between God and man. It ushers us into the very presence of God and strengthens our faith to claim His promises. Fervent prayer and strong intercessions can stop wars, atrocities, abominations, evils, and killings in war torn areas. As a powerful weapon, prayer can bless leaders with divine guidance and direction to lead their societies and nations into prosperity. Prayer is powerful. Prayer plays great roles in nation building. Through the power of prayer, peace, stability, security, spiritual and other developments such as healing, reconciliation, and restoration can be achieved. It settles disputes and brings harmony to those who seek and thirst after it. Prayer brings renewal for the mind and gives true rest. Prayer was undoubtedly the weapon the early church used during the time Peter was in prison and constant prayer was offered to God by the church on his behalf (Acts 12:5). The early church knew the role prayer plays in conflicts, its role to rescue, and that the power to confront and conquer the enemy lay in prayer.

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Bishop Professor Dohn Augustyn Bernards
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