Flipping Tables: We are Called to Freedom

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Robin McFarland
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Paperback & Kindle
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The anointing is not some mysterious magic spell only a few find access to; it is accessible to every believer at all times. The church is not the first priority when honoring God in your life; it starts with you and your home. The tithe isn’t a debt Christians owe; it’s a gift believers are given. We are called to faith and freedom, not fear and debt. We are called to help others find their freedom, not put them in debt. Salvation comes with the promised blessing, not the threat of a curse. We are not called to become perfect so that Christ might accept us; we are accepted and made perfect in Christ’s love. We are the Church, called to a relationship with our Creator, our Father, not religion in a church organization. We are called to love, not legalistic behavior modification. We are called to freedom, not a new and different form of bondage to man, debt, and institutions. We are called to be who God created us to be, not to obedience to religious laws. We are called to grow in the light we have within us, not appease the darkness around us. We are called the Forgiven, not the Condemned. If Jesus came into our churches today, would He take His place in a seat of honor, or would we find Him cracking whips, flipping tables, and driving out the money-changers? Who do we honor at church, Jesus or Mammon? It’s a good time in history to take inventory of ourselves and consider our ways. We are called to forgive because we’ve been forgiven. It matters more than we think–we are called to freedom!

About the author

Robin McFarland
Victory Vision Author

Robin McFarland is a wife, a mom, and NeNe to her grandchildren. She is the founder and CEO of Bella Décor, a local Amarillo business that survived the global pandemic mainly due to the teachings in this manuscript. Robin loves spending time with family, traveling, and studying the Bible in quiet conversations with God. She was born and raised in Amarillo, but truly enjoys her travels with her husband that take her to places of deep reflection. It is her greatest desire to see people set free from the bondage of religion and rules that make up today’s church body and see them grow into the freedom that is only found in Christ Jesus.