Close Encounters of the Stetson Kind

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Adam G. Fleming
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Bonus material from the Stetson Jeff Adventures! Adam G. Fleming is back at it again, spinning tall tales about your favorite Texans: Stetson Jeff Stetson and Ranger Jeremiah P. Johnstone. They take a bow in this curtain call with a collection of short stories about supernatural and paranormal encounters. This book can be enjoyed without reading The Stetson Jeff Adventures (no spoilers here!) and will whet your appetite for the series. Of course, if you’ve already read the six previous Stetson Jeff books, you’ll enjoy these stories like a tasty mint after a big meal at your favorite steakhouse. Close Encounters of the Stetson Kind includes these seven amusing short stories: No Quarry for Old Stetsons; Ranger Johnstone and the Chupacabra; Touched by an Angle; Stetson Jeff and the Mummy; The Levitating Hippie; The Djinn and the Sausages; Dancin' with the Devil; Stetson Jeff has been described as a mash up of Chuck Norris, Forrest Gump, Inspector Clouseau, and Asterix. Expect action, wacky adventures, and plenty of humor. --------To buy an AUTOGRAPHED PAPERBACK of Close Encounters of the Stetson Kind, please follow this link: -------------------------For a FREE EBOOK:

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Adam G. Fleming
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