I am More: Confronting the Aftermath of Sexual Assault

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In her debut book "I am More," Devan Millsong paves a road out of lives in the shadows of less to lives with the hope of more for nine survivors of sexual assault, including herself. Devan shares her pain, resilience, and, ultimately, acceptance that sexual assault was her story to tell and that giving others a chance to tell their stories was an assignment she couldn’t run from, no matter how hard she tried. And she tried – for 18 years – but “God was trying to tell her something,” as the old song says. No matter how much she ignored it, the volume kept getting louder until one day, the phone rang. Okay, Big Guy. I'm listening, and You're clearly talking directly to me. Now, it affects someone I love. I'll go tell their stories.

About the author

Victory Vision Author

Devan Millsong chose a pseudonym because “small towns like to talk with big mouths about things they don’t understand, and people deserve a chance to move on.” Since moving on from her sexual assault and working through the healing process of putting a broken world back together, Devan spends her blessedly boring life as a mother of three in a rural town in Louisiana with the love of her life who was once the “boy down the street.” Devan has received several leadership awards throughout her career, is a freelance writer, and is active in the nonprofit world. She earned a bachelors in journalism, masters in journalism with secondary concentrations in public administration and speech communication, and a masters in education, but she will tell you none of that has anything to do with being smart. It mostly means she doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up. Since the minute she could pick up a pencil and draw lines on paper, she has written poetry, short stories, journals, speeches, and random ideas. These days, she isn’t a little girl scratching lines on paper and calling it a story anymore, but she is no less ready to say, “Look, Mama! Look, Daddy! Look what I wrote.”