A Skeptic's Transformation: The Miracle of Love

By :
Nataly Galichansky
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Paperback & Kindle
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If someone told me that I would be the one to lovingly care for a woman who had despised me, I would have said, “No Way.” Our relationship didn't start out well but that didn't define how it would end. Because love is a miracle. Love heals and restores; it has the capacity to rebuild everything. By the time Mom Maria was facing death, we both learned how to accept and love each other unconditionally. In that short time, we watched a miracle unfold and transform the whole family. This memoir is for those living in a seemingly hopeless situation. Let my story be a reminder that love truly restores ALL Things.

About the author

Nataly Galichansky
Victory Vision Author

Nataly Galichansky is a great communicator, international speaker, spiritual adviser, influential leader. She is a Kingdom connector with over ten years of experience coaching people and helping them step into greater levels of freedom. In addition to being an Associate Pastor at Abundant Life Community Church, she and her husband Igor lead many mission trips to different countries, bringing a message of the Kingdom. She is passionate about walking alongside leaders and partnering with them to aid their personal, spiritual, and professional development and transformation.