Sherbet Skies: A Woman's Solo Journey to Find Adventure, Love, and God

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Tess Millhollon
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After finding herself lost after college, Tess embarked on a year-long solo backpacking adventure in search of herself and healing. We meet her in the middle of her journey when she is presented the opportunity to live and work on a sailing yacht—taking vessels up the east coast of Australia. Tess’ story is a rapturous saga of finding adventure, oneself, and God very present along the journey. This chronicle of her experiences will transport the reader into the stunning life of sailing to the Whitsundays and will touch one deeply through her encounters with God. It is a read worth sharing with every woman who has a vagabond spirit.

About the author

Tess Millhollon
Victory Vision Author

Tess Millhollon is an avid writer and lover of life. Her extensive travels inspired her to help more women have adventures. She is the founder and creator of the HerHouse App, making it easy for solo women travelers to connect with background checked hosts. The app helps these travelers save money and stay safe while traveling. She lives in Texas with her beloved husband, and they love going on adventures on their Harley.