The Stetson Jeff Adventures

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Adam G. Fleming and Justin Fike
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From East Texas to Bangkok and beyond, Stetson Jeff Stetson fights for Truth, Justice, and a delicious piece of steak. What begins as a business trip to Thailand soon turns into a global adventure. When Jeff uncovers a cunning conspiracy that threatens all he holds dear, Stetson Jeff will have to learn new skills and find allies where he can, if he’s going to have any hope of survival. Can one lone Texan stop a bunch of shadowy banditos? Does the armadillo sometimes become road kill? Does Morocco have its own version of peyote? And what is the shadow organization A.S.P. doing in Amish country? There's only one way to find out. Read this book. This paperback collection brings together the first three books in the Stetson Jeff Adventures, (Beatdown in Bangkok, Mayhem in Marrakesh, and Pandemonium in Paradise) which have been called "endearingly hilarious," "full of life and personality," and a triumph of "effortless storytelling, colorful characters, and unrelenting slap-dash humor" by its fans. Why get the paperback? We've included a short story: A Very Stetson Christmas, which you'll want to read before you get to Volume 2.

About the author

Adam G. Fleming and Justin Fike
Victory Vision Author

Adam G. Fleming's writing walks the fine line between the absurd and the sublime. Adam brings his unique blend of cross-cultural humor to his work as a ghostwriter and writer's coach at Victory Vision Publishing, and as a communication skills trainer and professional leadership coach. He is a world traveler and long-distance hiker. He has lived in France, D.R. Congo, the Ivory Coast, and Egypt. Adam has been married since 1998. He and his wife have four children and live in Goshen, IN, USA. *** Justin Fike has been hooked on stories since his grandma first started tucking him in with tales of her life on the South Dakota prairie swimming in his head. He grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and was blessed to have a mother who didn't complain when he came home from the woods covered in mud and burs, and a father who told him the stories that sent him out there in the first place. He has a Master's Degree in Creative Writing from Oxford University and is the author of The Farshore Chronicles, as well as Fire in the Dawn, Book 1 of the Twin Skies Trilogy. Justin lives in Colorado with his amazing wife and two pixies in disguise who allow him to claim them as his daughters at parties. You can learn more about his work at