Going Deeper: 31 Day Prayer Devotional

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Shanna Fougerousse
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This book was written with a mandate to change your life. I say this not because I am a great wordsmith because I’m not. There is a power on this work that is greater than I could create. It’s an anointing from the Holy Spirit. It is intended to change your heart, and through that process, it will change your life.It’s time to refuse to be complicit with the destruction and negativity around us. It’s time that we reach into the supernatural with fervent and effectual prayer and offer up thanksgiving to God for what He says, He has done, and will do.He always shows up. He is waiting for us to get in position so He can move.In my short time as a disciple of Jesus, I have come to understand that the word of God, the Holy Bible, is full of truth that we just don’t fully believe today. You may be offended that I would say that. Truly, if we believed what is written in the Bible, we would see a very different world today.As we start to change our perspective to view life through the lens of a biblical worldview, through truth, we will come into alignment with God’s way of thinking and see everything as it is intended for us. We will begin to see through the lens of Love.

About the author

Shanna Fougerousse
Victory Vision Author

Shanna Fougerousse is co-founder of The Undivided Heart, a ministry business that helps people find true freedom through encountering Jesus. She has developed and led numerous Bible studies, spent over 10 years leading recovery, healing and prayer ministry teams in the local church and around the world. One of her favorite things is to see others find freedom through the process of heart healing. Together with her ministry partner she hosts a weekly podcast, called Life, Love & the Pursuit of Kingdom. She lives in North Texas with her husband and two teenage children.