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How does Santa get to so many houses in a night? He uses his flying reindeer and Santa sleigh, of course. We all know this. What happens when a man with a Santa suit in East Texas wants to maximize his time and energy and see as many people as he can in the days leading up to Christmas? Of course, he can't use the sleigh and reindeer because they have to rest up for the big night. So, in true Texas fashion, he found a horse to ride. These are the completely true stories of his journey as Santa, how he came to ride a horse, and their adventures together... More than that, these are stories of generosity and compassion. Stories which point us to deeper truths about the real meaning of Christmas and the one whose birth we celebrate.

About the author

Victory Vision Author

In 2008, Stacey moved to Colorado with a secret desire to be a writer. In Colorado, as most of her stories and adventures start, Stacey met someone in a coffee shop and that led her to work as a writer and speaker with Shepherd Project Ministries, now rebranded Bridges527. Her focus is helping people learn to see the Lord in every aspect of their lives, especially showing them how the stories of their culture point to the Gospel. She loves the outdoors, all things story (books, movies, and TV shows), plays lots of sports (soccer is her favorite), and rides her horses every chance she gets. And once a year, she gets to be Santa’s helper.