The Butterfly Decision

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Leaping headlong into the world of ballet, with dreams of becoming a professional dancer, a young boy from the Panhandle of Texas uses all his grit, gifts, ambition and determination to face every obstacle and challenge he encounters on his path to be a professional. In this fictionalized account, he finds his passions lead to setbacks, success, love and the discovery of his true talent. Most of all, he has to make a decision—the decision that will make all the difference.

About the author

Victory Vision Author

King Hill lives his passions. An award winning stage director, educator, and playwright, Hill spent many of his formative years training and pursuing a career in ballet and continues to promote and collaborate with those in the field of dance and theatre. He lives on the High Plains with the love of his life, his wife, in a home warmed with art, antiques, and memorabilia of his shows and productions.