The Big Move

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Eunabeth Williamson
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When Grandpa Yukon makes his big move to Heaven, it brings up a lot of questions from Tater and his little brother, Small Fry. Maybe you have some of these same questions. Come meet Red, Ruby Lou, Tater, Small Fry, and Yammy, and discover what they learn about Heaven!

About the author

Eunabeth Williamson
Victory Vision Author

Eunabeth Williamson lives in the city where she was “born and raised”—Amarillo, Texas. Being part of a big family, she naturally has a great deal of storytelling material from which to draw! She also has over 30 years of experience working with children that has blessed her with a few tales to tell. She still enjoys working with kids and meeting new people, whether she’s at home in the panhandle of Texas or on a mission trip to Honduras. In addition to writing, Eunabeth enjoys gardening, walking her two rotten dogs, Nanna and Puddin, and especially being a part of the Worship, Women’s, and Student ministries at her church in Amarillo.