From A.S.H.E.S We Rise (A.S.H.E.S Trilogy)

By :
Morgan Moeller
Format :
Paperback & Kindle
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Althea Clyde and Edmon Sail were born in Faction Seven, behind the walls of the only country that survived the Last War. For generations, the government has attempted to replicate radiation immunity, and finally, they may have an answer. Five hundred candidates are selected to join the Department of Lerian Sciences, but only three hundred come out alive. When Thea and Edmon wake, they are different; they’re dangerous. Through the years, the Elites have oppressed the lower factions, but now they may be Ari’s only chance to survive. Can Althea and Edmon change the tides of this unseen war before the last nation burns from the inside out?

About the author

Morgan Moeller
Victory Vision Author

Morgan Moeller has a passion for creative storytelling and art that inspires audiences and engages the imagination. Her breakout novel, From A.S.H.E.S. We Rise, is her first published work, developed to gain perspective after overcoming several “lifelong” health challenges. Morgan is a high school Senior who lives with her family in New Braunfels, Texas.