World-Class Speed: The Proven KPI-Based Structure to Accelerate Business Growth

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Peter Fuller
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"World-Class Speed: The Proven KPI-Based Structure to Accelerate Business Growth" transcends a mere survival guide, offering a robust blueprint for excelling amidst adversity. It combines real-world insights and strategic frameworks, targeting ambitious leaders with six valuation-driving metrics to accelerate growth to redefine success and enhance efficiency, both personally and professionally. Your transformative journey begins here. ----- “Fuller has figured it out! You want to run your business, but it feels like it’s running you. World-Class Speed will show you how to put together the plan, processes, and people so you can own your life and your business. World-Class Speed is jet fuel to achieve world-class faster and better.” -Daniel Lieberman ----- “World-Class Speed lives up to its title – it is a quick read. But quick does not mean shallow. This is one of those rare business books that lends itself to multiple re-reads. There is a lot of business wisdom here to unpack – especially when it comes to the importance of KPIs to align everyone in a business and hold folks accountable for their results. The book also makes a strong case for starting the development of your business by starting with yourself and ensuring that your business supports your personal and professional goals. Written in a breezy, concise style, Speed delivers on its title, especially with its take on how to make meetings work – fast!! A highly recommended read for anyone who is a business owner or executive.” -Geoff Hetherington The Profitability Coach ----- “World-Class Speed underscores the importance of accountability in any successful business. Clear targets and proper accountability make individuals’ performance measurable, allowing them to self-reflect. By implementing this philosophy in our businesses, we will create an environment where every team member understands their role and contributes effectively towards our shared goals.” -Jack Findley ----- “Peter Fuller is a fantastic KPI expert, speaker, and teacher. We had him speak to our Vistage group of CEOs and he kept their rapt attention the entire afternoon. If you need to understand how to use KPIs, OKRs or other metrics to manage a business, or business unit, Peter Fuller is the person to turn to for insights and advice.” -Walter Paulson ----- “In “World-Class Speed,” Peter Fuller critically examines existing operating models, specifically their handling of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). While various models touch upon KPIs, they frequently fall short in positioning them effectively to drive the essential actions for achieving desired results. Fuller contends that addressing gaps or deltas – the disparities between current performance and desired outcomes – is pivotal for making informed decisions and propelling a company toward World-Class status, all at a greater “Speed” than typically observed. -David Leavitt ----- “Once again, Peter Fuller challenges conventional wisdom by telling entrepreneurs to reclaim the precious resource of time to thrive in business and life. Jet empowers readers to build world-class companies by redefining success metrics and deploying powerful principles that lead to sustainable professional and personal growth.” - Nathalie Duval-Couetil, Ph.D. ----- “World-Class Speed is an excellent resource that helps guide companies regarding what they need to do to become world-class. I highly recommend this ‘must read’ book.” -Mark Iwanowski, NFL Player ----- “Game changer. World-Class Speed—the title says it all! Peter cuts through the noise flooding today’s business market. Fully implemented, these simple steps guarantee exceptional results in record time!” -Jerry Howard ----- “I was able to align my team, reduce time spent in meetings, focus on myself and grow my business simultaneously. I couldn’t have done that without Catipult.” -Diana Stewart

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Peter Fuller
Victory Vision Author

Peter C. Fuller, the founder of Catipult AI, a technology and coaching company, emphasizes a metric-based approach to strategic planning. This approach not only saves time but also enhances valuation and drives profitability. Fuller is also an accomplished author with two books under his belt: “World-Class Speed” and “Start with You.” His newsletter, “The KPI Guy,” boasts a readership of over 10,000 business owners and executives weekly. Before delving into the realm of metrics, Fuller served as an adjunct professor of entrepreneurship at Purdue University and played pivotal roles in the founding of six companies and two industry associations. He’s been named in the Strathmore’s “Who’s Who,” won the Vistage Rookie Coach of the Year Award, and the company he co-founded, Scale Computing, won the Forbes Most Promising Company in America award. He’s also a member of the prestigious Alliance of Merger and Acquisition Advisors®. When he’s not immersed in his work, Fuller enjoys cycling, traveling, reading, participating in F45 workouts, and cherishing moments with his family. Additionally, he dedicates Wednesday afternoons to assisting the homeless.