Kingdom Theology: Volume 1: The Kingdom

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Dubb Alexander & Tony Robinson
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A Multi-Voiced, Kingdom Theology Team, comprised of School of Kingdom Professors Dubb Alexander, a Kingdom strategist and the founder of "School of Kingdom;" Ryan Peña, a Kingdom revelator dedicated to restoring The Body of Christ to its original design; Eunike Jonathan, a distributor of love, passionate about awakening leaders to Kingdom realities; and Tony Robinson, a dream disrupter training leaders to hear God's voice for strategies and solutions, coming together to craft a comprehensive theological resource. Tailored for individuals seeking a fresh perspective on the original foundations of our faith, this resource offers a streamlined and insightful guide for establishing a Kingdom-minded belief system.

About the author

Dubb Alexander & Tony Robinson
Victory Vision Author

Dubb Alexander advances The Kingdom as a Global Statesman, leveraging his United Nations access to bring prophetic strategies to heads of state around the world. When he is not traveling internationally, Dubb can be found equipping Prophetic Kingdom Reformers through his online school, “School of Kingdom,” or sharing the platform alongside other Kingdom Generals at various conferences and training events. Dubb resides in Amarillo, Texas, with his beautiful wife, Beth, and their daughter, Cinda.