The Satchel Pong Chronicles

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Adam G. Fleming
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The Satchel Pong Chronicles Omnibus: A complete e-book set of all five novels. The Satchel Pong Chronicles includes intriguing multi-culture world-building, a quirky cast of power-hungry characters, and everything you're looking for when it comes to steampunk: mechanically modified soldiers; communities of dirigibles known as Sky Dwellers, and the dirigible-flying pirates known as 'Dirates'; and a doomed planet.

About the author

Adam G. Fleming
Victory Vision Author

Adam G. Fleming is a novelist and leadership coach from Goshen, IN. Married with four kids, Adam brings his unique blend of cross-cultural humor to his work as a writer, speaker, and professional executive coach. Raised in the Midwest, Adam is a world traveler and has spent significant amounts of time in Zaire/ DRC, France, Ivory Coast, and a dozen or more other countries. Adam's primary current international project is in Egypt.