The Fearless Revolution: The 7 Secrets to Becoming Fearless

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Victory Vision Author

As a Corporate Problem Solver, Sandy Gledhill has dedicated her career to helping high performing leaders unlock the secrets to even greater levels of success. Her years spent coaching executives, entrepreneurs, and influencers uncovered a dirty little secret harbored by many high achievers; that hidden fears often keep them living smaller lives than those for which they were created. Sandy was well acquainted with this particular secret as she too had perfected the art of looking like a risk-taking success story, while being plagued by a host of overwhelming fears that were tearing her apart on the inside. When keeping up the facade became unbearable, she began what became a 20-year personal quest to overcome fear once and for all. Sandy has discovered the 7 secrets to becoming fearless and she has now stepped away from traditional business coaching to embrace her life's mission as a Fearless Leader Coach. Sandy often describes herself as being "imperfect, in process, and yet, walking boldly in her Purpose." Overcoming fear has completely changed the trajectory of her life and she now enjoys her fearless lifestyle in Southern California with her husband, Tim.