Antoinette Xho and the Sky Dwellers

By :
Adam G. Fleming
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Paperback & Kindle
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Book 3: When the town of Galena is attacked by the armies of Doethalia, Antoinette Xho, her apprentice Wilty Zeebo, and their friends board airships that come to the rescue. But is it safe to live among the sky dwellers? Or will they all be destroyed by dirates: dirigible-flying pirates! The steampunk saga continues, as Satchel Pong and his odd migrating family try to understand why the world is heating up and figure out what they can-- and must-- do about it.

About the author

Adam G. Fleming
Victory Vision Author

Adam G. Fleming is a novelist and leadership coach from Goshen, IN. Married with four kids, Adam brings his unique blend of cross-cultural humor to his work as a writer, speaker, and professional executive coach. Raised in the Midwest, Adam is a world traveler and has spent significant amounts of time in Zaire/ DRC, France, Ivory Coast, and a dozen or more other countries. Adam's primary current international project is in Egypt.