Son of a Seacook

By :
Sam Gary
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Paperback & Kindle
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This book is a collection of stories from the life and times of Sam Gary. Sam was born into a time when the west was still wild, fun was invented - usually on the back of a horse - and kids were not entertained by a TV unless you snuck to the neighbors; it was a time when beneath the glow of the harvest moon, a radio could be tuned to the vintage sounds of Charlie Pride and Neil Diamond. Join Sam, his cousins, and folks he encounters on their many adventures, mishaps, and conquests that will undoubtedly have you bursting your buttons with laughter. Ride alongside Sam Gary as he flies his airplane across the United States. Ski alongside him down the black diamonds of the Alberta Rockies, or eagerly thrust your hands into buckets of shavings and unsavory surprises. A modern-day Huck Finn, his tales of battles fought, friends won, and strangers befriended, will surely keep you enthralled because NO ONE, my friends, can tell stories like a Son of a Seacook. Curl up, grab some Better Life Coffee, and prepare to be entertained!

About the author

Sam Gary
Victory Vision Author

Sam Gary was born and raised on a large grain farm on the windy prairies of southern Alberta, Canada. He met his wife, Joan Marie (Frey), in Rochester, Minnesota, exactly the halfway point between Alberta, Canada, and Pennsylvania, and together they have raised three daughters and one son. Sam has always loved new adventures and exploring new business avenues. He has been a hands-on farmer, erected grain bins and feed mills all across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, built pontoon boats, and has obtained his crane operator’s license and his pilot’s license. He has been a good father, a Bible student, a welder, musician, counselor, and salesman. And all along this amazing journey, he has been writing songs, short stories, and memories of his childhood and growing up years. (Check out Google - The Sam Gary Band Lands in the Top 20 charts, Gets Picked by CMA as ‘Who New To Watch in 2009.) Writing is in his blood because he’s always been a storyteller and just can’t help himself. This book, “Son Of A Seacook,” is born of memories and laughter and incredible authentic experiences that cry out to be shared with the world. You won’t be disappointed.