A Matter of Time: The Era of the Holy Spirit

By :
Melissa McBroom
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Paperback & Kindle
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If you want to or have already experienced God in a way that goes beyond the “good feels” of a Sunday service, this book is for you. God wants your attention, and when you begin to sense His thoughts or perceive His presence, it can be scary. How many times in the Bible does an angel of the Lord have to say, “Fear not,” when interacting with a human. These encounters are scary because they are outside of the context of our worldly reality. This book is not just about ‘hearing’ God; it’s about doing what He’s calling us to do; to move out in our authority, as co-heirs with Christ, with signs and wonders, wisdom and honor, character and holiness. It is the measure of the fullness of Christ, by both the Word and by the Holy Spirit. The world and even some churches think these experiences are to be shut down because they are weird and bizarre. If this is you, I’d encourage you to re-read your Bible; weird and bizarre is all over the place. God’s creation, including the weird, is beautiful and peaceful. We know this because He said it was good. When you become familiar with the ‘strange’, you are porous and have the ability to be open and to stretch beyond the usual small and protective self. It is an act of courage and love to press in and not want to run away. This book is about ten concepts you will want to grasp for the era of the Holy Spirit.

About the author

Melissa McBroom
Victory Vision Author

Melissa has a passion to see all people desire nothing but God himself. Her life has been a journey of learning to surrender to Jesus and He has given her a mother’s heart for people, especially the misunderstood. Her ministry is to empower them, to live in freedom by embracing their Kingdom identity as co-heirs, through foresight, deliverance, and joy. You can find her on the back porch having all sorts of child-like fun with the Father, hanging out in different realms or bringing peace everywhere her feet step.