Godly Lovers, Too: Commissioning the Ekklesia Army

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Denise M. Orsborn
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Paperback & Kindle
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There is a coming together of the Ekklesia—a rallying of the Bones which Ezekiel saw: An Army of Godly Lovers Commissioned for Battle in these End-Times. Jesus is the Lord of the Hosts of Angels’ Army; He is the One beaconing us to into the formation of the Legislative Assembly of Believers! He is bringing the Bones to come together, aligning with Ligaments and Muscles! The Five-fold Ministry working with the Body! All of us functioning as ONE in our God-given Destiny in Unity but not Uniformity! This Era is one of PEY in which our Position, Empowerment, and Yielding to God’s Order and Alignment is Exhibited! Alignment with God’s Times and Seasons NOW brings fulfillment of His Promises in due Time. There is an ALARM Sounding, we are AWAKENING from our Slumber, ARISING with Purpose and Determination, and ADVANCING with Authority and Dominion as we are Commissioned as the ARMY of God with Authorization and Access. This Declaration Journal includes EXHORTATIONS, PROCLAMATIONS, and MEDITATIONS for the Summoning and Commissioning of the Ekklesia Army of God! Let this Book be a Weapon in your Journey to fulfill your Book of Destiny!

About the author

Denise M. Orsborn
Victory Vision Author

Denise Orsborn is a wife, mother, and Prophetic Intercessor whose heart is to see The Ekklesia equipped and established, living in the authority and dominion of the Kingdom of God on Earth as it is in Heaven.