Cornelius Magus and the Dark Awakening

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Charles Brown
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Cornelius Magnus is known for letting his vivid imagination get the best of him, so when he’s attacked by a hellhound on the cusp of his sixteenth birthday, the villagers dismiss his story as just another instance of crying wolf. Left to investigate on his own, Cornelius uncovers a dark secret his mother died to protect. Cursed magic courses through his veins, allowing him to alter reality itself… but at what cost? As his powers begin to manifest, sinister forces are drawn to his remote village and Cornelius is swept away to the fantasy realm of Orbis Magia, where danger can be found from friend and foe alike. There, he learns more about his unique, reality-warping magic whose power is bound only by the limits of his imagination. Pursued by the foul sorcerer, Kieran, who seeks to use the young mage’s powers to conquer Orbis Magia, Cornelius undertakes a dangerous journey to free himself from the blood curse. Alongside his shaman mentor, Alastor, and an uncanny fellowship that ranges from a warrior princess to a talking griffin, Cornelius seeks out the key to defying the dark prophecy while forging his own destiny.

About the author

Charles Brown
Victory Vision Author

Charles Brown is the author of Cornelius Magnus and the Dark Awakening, the first book in a planned series that he began writing while still a college student. He is from Dallas, Texas, born and raised, and plans on becoming a full-time writer of fantasy novels. He is also a Slytherin, Greek mythologist, Pisces, and X-men enthusiast who is a big foodie.