Pray the Kingdom Way

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Pray The Kingdom Way is a practical guide for Kingdom-minded business owners, entrepreneurs, founders, CEOs, and business leaders seeking to connect with God in a deeper way while ensuring that every decision they make is in line with His divine purpose for their life and business ventures. With the help of this book, you will learn God’s reason and purpose for prayer, business, and money. Pray The Kingdom Way answers the BIG questions like: •Why weren't my prayers answered? •Why pray when God’s going to do what He wants to do anyway? •How can I pray without ceasing when I have to work, rest, and just live in general? •Isn’t it self-serving to pray that my business makes a lot of money? Through this book, you will be introduced to an easy framework for prayer that was created in Jesus and can be used to access the wisdom of Heaven for innovative business strategies to solve business problems. With real-life business case-studies, Pray The Kingdom Way empowers you to co-create with God and go after the BIG goals without guilt or shame. You can expect to be introduced to a powerful prayer framework that will help you connect with God and achieve success in your business. Are you ready for practical advice on how to approach prayer in a way that guarantees answers? Want to pray for financial success while staying grounded in their faith? When you Pray The Kingdom Way, you will enjoy praying more than you ever have and can unapologetically pray for ANYTHING knowing that every prayer is in line with His divine purpose for your life AND your business.

About the author

Victory Vision Author

Julia M. Winston is wisdom powerfully personified and strategically unleashed for success. Whether she draws on her decades of experience in leadership development, her spiritual journey of training business people in Kingdom understanding and prophetic expression, her love of movies and 90's music, or being behind the scenes helping top Kingdom influencers make millions, Julia is unmatched in her ability to help you identify, honor, and own the great assignment God has for you to do in the world. She is the CEO of Brave Leadership Consulting, the founder of The Alignment Advantage, and the author of Pray The Kingdom Way. Through her advisory firm, she equips CEOs to align their business to God’s intent to see natural and supernatural success and satisfaction. For more information about her advisory and consulting services, visit