Kissed by the King: A Devotional

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Kissed by the King stems from a personal journey of learning to walk in victory and rest in the unconditional love of our Heavenly Father. It comes from the realization that we are empowered, through God’s Spirit, and can step out in faith and believe what He tells us in His Word. God’s Word is alive. As we open its pages and learn to listen to His voice, He will transform our lives. God has created each of us to be unique. Our lives will not and should not look exactly the same. God’s Spirit is the same, but He chooses to speak to each of us differently. It is the author’s prayer that the Spirit will minister to you through these devotions and create an increased awareness of the different ways God demonstrates His incredible love for you each and every day!

About the author

Victory Vision Author

Leslie is a native of Iowa who is in love with Jesus! She loves to share her passion for Christ with children and adults. It was through her love for family, the outdoors, and the joy of a good laugh that the Lord encouraged her to start writing. As He began to reveal Himself through life circumstances and daily events, she realized true joy is found in seeing Him work and hearing Him speak throughout each day. There is no greater joy than to walk side by side with Jesus and allow His Spirit to lead the way. Kissed by the King demonstrates that worship is a lifestyle and takes place every time we say, “I see you, Father. Thank you!”