How to Make a Positive Cultural Impact

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Adam G. Fleming
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Kindle & Audiobook
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You have a team or group of people you lead: Perhaps a family unit consisting of yourself and one child. You may be building a network or sales team, or you may be leading hundreds of people in a large corporation, non-profit or religious institution. This team has a culture, and you have an influence on the culture's values. How can you make sure the impact you make is a positive one? In this book, veteran Certified Life Coach Adam G. Fleming (CPCC) shares how you can manage your energy, hone your focus, increase your muscles for empathy and creativity, and move forward to make a positive impact in the culture around you by effective communication about values.

About the author

Adam G. Fleming
Victory Vision Author

Adam G. Fleming is a novelist and leadership coach from Goshen, IN. Married with four kids, Adam brings his unique blend of cross-cultural humor to his work as a writer, speaker, and professional executive coach. Raised in the Midwest, Adam is a world traveler and has spent significant amounts of time in Zaire/ DRC, France, Ivory Coast, and a dozen or more other countries. Adam's primary current international project is in Egypt.