Everlasting Evidence

By :
Jeremy Hill
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Paperback & Kindle
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Perhaps you need to keep praying for a miracle, you are searching for hope and joy, or you have lost the ability to see God's goodness and grace. Maybe you need to understand the power of your "yes" to the Father's calling. The powerful and descriptive testimony between the pages of this story will not only captivate you, keep you in stitches with laughter, beckon you to cry, and have you calling out to the Father while your dreams are resurrected, but will also show you the overwhelming evidence of a Father who loves you and wants you to have the desires of your heart. Be prepared to be encouraged, uplifted, and edified as you experience the Everlasting Evidence.

About the author

Jeremy Hill
Victory Vision Author

Jeremy Hill has served over twenty years in public safety. As a Captain in the fire service, he has seen life and death play out in a multitude of ways. Reflective over this period of more than two decades is the evidence of how important the small details are. Simple things like functioning smoke detectors, wearing a seat belt, dialing 911, not drinking and driving, and looking both ways crossing the street–save lives! Spiritually speaking, small details save marriages, families, and destinies.