Redemptive Justice: For the Falsely Accused, You've Already Won

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Thor Stone
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A false accusation of sexual harassment sends a man into a tailspin as both management and the union at his place of employment look for ways to discredit his integrity, after a covetous co-worker goes on a smear campaign and seeks to get him fired—or worse. When he meets a pastor with an empathetic ear, he begins a slow, painful journey toward recovery, leaning on Jesus as his source of comfort and strength. In this book, the author shares his personal struggle in the form of a practical guide for men and boys who have been falsely accused of harassment in the workplace or at school, for those who seek to support them, and for all who have been falsely accused and don't know where to turn.

About the author

Thor Stone
Victory Vision Author

Thor Stone loves helping men triumph against false accusations of sexual misconduct. As a survivor of such a traumatic experience himself, Thor feels called to provide godly hope, strategy, and a path forward for men to overcome the big lie and have a life of purpose. Thor is an author, consultant, and speaker that helps transform men from bewildered victims to victorious overcomers. For more information, see