The Mantle and Anointing of Stephen: Serving with Excellence - Revised Edition

By :
Rodney Orsborn
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Paperback & Kindle
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Church history reveals that through appointed times of revival God has released awakening, vision, and impartation to the Body of Christ. The Area of Serving is in the midst of one of these appointed times.

About the author

Rodney Orsborn
Victory Vision Author

Rodney Orsborn, President, and founder of Master's Arrow Ministries, whose mandate is to speak in the power of the spoken prophetic/creative word of authority. These words of authority and power are recognized as Arrows of the Lord's deliverance piercing into the heart of sin, sickness, disease, death, and poverty. MAM is committed to seeing this end-time generation equipped and established in the spirit of revival with character and integrity to reflect excellence while fulfilling God-given destiny. Rodney builds, pioneers, and establishes individuals through the revelatory manifestations of Holy Spirit and a Breaker Anointing, by bringing emphasis on The Secret Place, Humility, Waiting, Searching, and Favor in a personal relationship with Holy Spirit. Walking in the union of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God enables Rodney to experience the release of signs, wonders, and miracles that have sparked various atmospheres of revival and transformed lives.