After Some Time: Connecting With Women Through Real-Life Stories

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Solé Wright
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Break the cycle of shame and secrecy and find the freedom you have been longing for through redemptive stories of women like you. In her book, After Some Time, Solé opens up about her childhood challenges and the secret that kept her captive for almost five decades. As a coach and trainer, she’s had countless conversations with women who feel “alone” in their struggles - believing that no one would understand. These conversations confirmed that we all share common threads through our unique stories. After Some Time gives the reader hope in knowing that they are not alone in the battles they are fighting. This book will: Challenge you to dig deep with bold and probing, Pause and Reflect, questions. Give hope to those facing identity issues, unforgiveness, suicidal thoughts, addictions, and other sensitive topics that are often overlooked. Empower you to uncover and face your "if people knew" secrets. Show you the value of community and the role it has for healing. Help you recognize and reject the specific lies that have been holding you captive. Cultivate your faith by leaning on Jesus and learning His model for living. Teach you to hold on to your plans loosely to make room for God’s purpose for your life. Encourage you to share your redemptive story as an offer of hope for the woman next to you. Your faith will deepen as you recall what God has already done for you and give you a hunger to draw closer to Him. With fresh insight, you will encounter God as your great Redeemer. --------Begin the journey you have been longing for by clicking the BUY NOW button today.----------

About the author

Solé Wright
Victory Vision Author

Solé Wright is a Certified Fitness Trainer and Lifestyle Wellness Coach who guides women in overcoming personal challenges. She understands the impact of unresolved trauma on personal and spiritual growth. Her approach to health and wellness is to care for the whole person—body, mind, and soul. After raising four children, she is pursuing her dream of sharing her redemption story and how Jesus has met her on this journey. Solé plans to write another book on releasing negative thought patterns, and has a future project to empower women in writing their own redemption stories. She enjoys a strong cup of coffee, reading, hiking and taking long walks. Solé and her husband live in Cedar, Michigan, where they dote over their grandchildren.