Julie Ballard

Founder & CEO

My life is a story of tragedy and triumph that the world needed to hear. After the cataclysmic event of my father’s suicide, my life fell to pieces. I lived on the street, battled addiction, and lost all hope. But that wasn’t the end of my story. After years of struggle and the help and support of some amazing people, I regained all that I had lost and more!

Publishing my autobiography, “My Name is Victory,” brought hope to many and put me on the path that has led me here. I am Julie Ballard, CEO and founder of Victory Vision Publishing & Consulting LLC. I understand the power of publishing, and I am passionate about putting your story in the hands of your readers.


As a published author of five books, I know how daunting the publishing journey can be. In addition to my works, I have helped countless visionaries see their dreams come true from concept to completion. I left the corporate world of public relations, communications, and marketing to serve those who have a story to tell to the world. 


My greatest joy is watching as an author holds his or her book in their hands for the first time. There is nothing quite like seeing your ideas in print. We have worked with all kinds of authors, from first-time, unknown writers to internationally recognized clients, because we believe every story matters. We believe that your story matters.

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Our Story

You deserve to have your story crowned by the jewels of impact and excellence. At Victory Vision Publishing and Consulting, we walk with you every step of the way on your literary journey. You may come to us with a simple idea or perhaps, you have a completed manuscript. Regardless of where you are in the writing process, we ensure our authors produce high-quality, compelling books. We believe that every good story deserves to be told. We are passionate about our writers, the books we develop, and our work. A book is a legacy that has the ability to change the future.


As the author, you retain ownership of the files, copyright, publishing rights, and 100% of the royalties of your published work. You keep all the proceeds from your book sales. It is our greatest desire to see your vision come to pass.


A percentage of the proceeds from each publishing contract will go to build God's Kingdom, reach the lost, and help combat homelessness and addiction.