Pandemonium in Paradise: A Stetson Jeff Adventure

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Justin Fike & Adam G. Fleming
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Book 3: Hot on the trail of the mysterious A.S.P., Stetson Jeff follows a lead to a warehouse in Philadelphia. But what begins as a simple investigation soon turns into more trouble than he bargained for, and Jeff finds himself in over his head in the Pennsylvania heartland. With help from new friends with some strange ideas about violence pulls Jeff out of the frying pan, but tosses him straight into the fire when he finds himself outgunned and outnumbered on an Amish farm. He'll need to dig deep and find all the wits, courage, and determination he can muster if he hopes to keep himself and his new friends alive when A.S.P. comes for them, and this time his fists alone might not be enough to turn the tide. Can one Texas cowboy turned kickboxer turned camel jockey unravel the true meaning of the pacifist move in time to save his new friends and put a stop to a criminal conspiracy once and for all?

About the author

Justin Fike & Adam G. Fleming
Victory Vision Author

Adam G. Fleming is a novelist and leadership coach from Goshen, IN. Married with four kids, Adam brings his unique blend of cross-cultural humor to his work as a writer, speaker, and professional executive coach. Raised in the Midwest, Adam is a world traveler and has spent significant amounts of time in Zaire/ DRC, France, Ivory Coast, and a dozen or more other countries. Adam's primary current international project is in Egypt.