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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you ghostwrite?


Yes, we do! Give us your audio notes, journal entries, or any other form your message is in, and we will turn it into content that sells!


How much does it cost to publish?


You pay a one-time fee depending on how much help you want from our team. The majority of our services are a la carte. After that, you keep 100% of your book proceeds.


So, I get to keep all of my royalties?


Of course! Victory Vision has no intention of keeping what is rightfully yours. We simply get paid for the service of helping you complete your work.


Do I get to keep full creative control?


Absolutely! We will offer suggestions based on our extensive knowledge of the industry and set you up for success, but the final outcome is completely in your hands. 


Will I need to find my own editor?


Editing is separate from your price. We have an amazing team of editors who will painstakingly review and edit your manuscript several times over to be sure to catch every last error. Editing costs can be inquired about by booking a consultation or emailing


Will I need to purchase my own ISBN?


We will provide a free ISBN number for your book with our Done With You Package. We don't want you to worry about that extra expense. However, if you choose our Done For You Package, we will purchase for you your own unique ISBN under the imprint of your choice.


What about illustrations and/or cover designs?


Victory Vision will design your cover for you with our wonderful design team. We will offer you up to three versions to choose from. If your book or children's book needs illustrations, great! We have a wonderful team of illustrators to help with that.

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